• Margaret L. Wendt Archive & Resource Center (map)
  • Forest Lawn Cemetery, 1411 Delaware Ave
  • Buffalo, NY, 14209
  • United States

I'm very proud to present for Forest Lawn Cemetery's Sunday In The Cemetery Chapel Concert & Lecture Series for Women's History Month!

Paralyzing the Boys: The Seven Singing Sutherland Sisters 
Join me for this fascinating exploration of the 7 Sutherland Sisters of Lockport, who took the late 19th century world by storm not only for their incredibly long hair (reputed to be 37 feet in combined length, due to their father's 'miraculous' hair tonic) but for their wonderful voices. We'll focus on Victoria Craw Sutherland who’s buried here in FLC; and then Naomi Sutherland, who had a miraculously low Bass voice. Like Naomi and Metropolitan Opera star/ low Contralto Kathleen Howard (also buried at FLC), Ms. Fatta is a female Baritone, and will perform live arias demonstrating the low female singing voice, with accompanist Roland E. Martin. 

Tickets sell out quickly for this Series: book yours today online or at 716-885-1600! $20/$15 Members of the FL Heritage Foundation. Margaret L. Wendt Archive and Resource Center, Buffalo NY